Friday, November 17, 2006

Human security focused on biomedical ethics


THE TAMILNADU DR AMBEDKAR LAW UNIVERSITY, Department of Constitutional Law and Human Rights, PG Departments of Law headed by Prof. Dr. Manohar and the Centre for Security Analysis will set up an International Roundtable on the 29th of November 2006 in the Seminar Hall of the Centre, Egmore Chennai, time 3 pm.

The title of the round table: Human security focused on biomedical ethics. Several different topics will be discussed e.g. status of an embryo, stem cell research.

Invited participants from Europe: Prof. Dr. Dr. Cosimo Marco Mazzoni (Italy), Dr. Dr. Brigitte Jansen (Germany), confirmed.

From India: Dr. Michael Aruldas, Dr. Jayaraman Dr. Aruna Sivagami from University of Madras

Professors and scientists from Medical University; Dr. Geetha Madhavan and other members of CSA from the sponsoring organisation.;Hon. Dr. SSP. Darwesh, Vice Chancellor, Law University being the guest of Honour.

Also the interesting public is invited to participate free of charge. The space is limited. If you want to participate, please be so kind to send your request with your name, position and your working field to